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Chamelo Innovation: Where Vision Meets Technology

At Chamelo, we believe that your glasses should be as flexible and adaptable as you are. With our proprietary Chamelo® Lens Technology and innovative tint technologies, Chamelo is redefining what eyewear can do — offering you the ultimate in comfort, style, and personal expression.

Whether navigating the bright conditions of an outdoor adventure or adjusting to softer indoor lights, Chamelo glasses ensure you always have the perfect tint. Our cutting-edge instant electronic tint adjustment enables you to dynamically adapt your glasses to every occasion and mood.

Prismatic™ Color-changing Lenses

We are revolutionizing eyewear technology with our Prismatic™ Color-changing Lenses, the world’s first glasses that allow you to change the tint color instantly. Prismatic™ Color-changing Lenses enable wearers to effortlessly switch between four different hues with a touch, bringing unparalleled flexibility to your eyewear.

In a 2018 study led by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Wahl, it was demonstrated that “colors are far more than just visual information and are able to evoke emotional reactions.” Bright, warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) stimulate energy and happiness, while cool, subdued colors (blues, greens, purples) are soothing and calming. Harnessing this knowledge, we developed two lens options that cater to both style and mood preferences:

With Prismatic™ Color-changing Lenses, you can dynamically adapt your eyewear to reflect your mood and style, enhancing both your visual experience and emotional well-being.

Dusk™ Tint-adjustable Lenses

We are setting a new standard in eyewear with Dusk™ Tint-adjustable Lenses. They allowed us to develop the first glasses with instant, customizable tint adjustment. With Dusk™ Tint-adjustable Lenses, you can instantly control the lens tint using touch tint controls, slider tint control, automatic tint control, and even app-enabled tint control. Our lenses change tint in less than 0.1 seconds — 1,800 times faster than photochromic glasses.

Dusk™ Tint-adjustable Lenses maintain a true, neutral black color, avoiding the uneven tints found in other technologies. Unlike photochromic glasses, Dusk™ Tint-adjustable Lenses give you complete control over the tint, allowing you to choose the perfect shade according to your sensitivity to light and personal preference.Currently, our Dusk™ Tint-adjustable Lenses are available in two versions:

  • Alpha (4-38% VLT)
  • HVL (17-63% VLT)

Coming soon, we will expand our lineup with:

  • Xpanse (6-63% VLT)
  • Indoor (TBC)

Dusk™ Tint-adjustable Lenses are engineered to adapt to your environment and lifestyle with unparalleled speed and precision.