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Music Shield

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Tint-adjustable sports sunglasses with built-in audio

Size: One size fits all

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Music Shield Highlights

Adjust the tint of the lenses in 0.1 seconds

Simply slide your finger on the frame to change the tint

Listen to music with discreet open-ear audio

Call your best friend or summon Siri

Sweatproof and workout-proof

As seen in:

Music Shield

A cutting-edge design that brings maximum performance. Music Shield features a lightweight build, built-in speakers, and our patented Dusk™ tint-adjustable lenses for no lapse in vision and ultimate focus during workout.

A tint range so big, you’ll have to see it to believe

Our Dusk™ HVL Lenses have an industry-leading visual light transmittance range of 17% to 63%. Giving you incredible clarity and true dawn-to-dusk versatility.

Lightest Tint - 63% VLT
Darkest Tint - 17% VLT

Instantly adjust the tint with a simple slide

Use the slider on the frame to instantly adjust the tint — perfect for biking, hiking, or running.

Hidden speakers discreetly deliver music to your ears

Enjoy high-quality audio for music and calls with discreet speakers that allow you to stay aware of your surroundings.

You move, your sunglasses won't

Music Shield frames feature enhanced grip to keep them securely in place during intense workouts, ensuring they stay put even when you're sweating.

“Music Shield is not just a pair of sunglasses; it’s a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts seeking style, functionality, and performance. An all-in-one frame design merges lifestyle, fashion, and essential technology into the coolest sunglasses for summers to come.”

– Forbes

Music Shield Tech Specs

  • 180 mAh battery capacity
  • Battery life: 100 hours (tint adjustment), 6.5 hours (listening time)
  • Battery charging time: Charge 80% in 30 minutes
  • Battery charging method: Custom pogo pin cable or the Dusk wireless charging case

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Definitely recommend these glasses! Sound is good! Only problem would be if you are cycling and there is a ton of wind…. But it’s not bad at all…. You can still hear the music, love the ability to tint these on demand too!

Let's go Chamelo!

I've had all the big brand name sunglasses before, these are quite simply the best I've ever owned.

Mike C
Love these lenses

Great product. Recommended by my friend Stephon. Really like the hidden speakers so I can take calls directly from the frame. And those lenses.....HOLY SH*T. These are a game changer.

My best workout accessory

They have excellent sound, and the tint-adjustable lenses work so well. Two thumbs up!


Way better than my sunglasses with transition lenses. Great value and excellent quality. Can't wait to wear them on the golf course.

Revolutionary liquid crystal lenses engineered to help you see better